Are you planning to go to Iceland? Are you looking forward to exploring all its beauty? That’s AMAZING! Discover the Top 70 Places to Visit and shoot in Iceland.

Let me tell you something. When I decided to go to Iceland for the very first time I didn’t know anything about where all the best places were.

So I started to build a Map with all the Iceland places every photographer dream to visit and shot.

A lot of my followers started asking me where they can find some places where I’ve been. So I started to build a Secret Map much more complete for all my followers that would like to explore Hidden Iceland. BUT I decided to share this map with a maximum of 100 people.

Right now we are 78 people using this map. 

Why am I not sharing with more than 100 people?

Because I want to keep secret the secret places where I’ve been. To preserve the calm you can find there.

After a lot of trips and photography workshop there, I finally came out with a list of TOP places to go for shooting with a lot of details and tips.

This is the resulting map of my TOP Places to Visit in Iceland

If you want to plan your visit to Iceland with all the good stuff to explore then request your copy of the map.

Having this map of the best photography locations in Iceland is like doing a workshop with me by knowing all the places I’ll bring you.

This map of the best places in Iceland is perfect for:
  1. ✅ Photographers
  2. ✅ Backpackers
  3. ✅ Adventures travelers

You will have access to:

  1. ✅ complete Map of the best places to visit in Iceland accessible from your Google Maps app.
  2. ✅ Tips for every spot
  3. ✅ +70 and counting places to shot Amazing pictures 
  4. ✅ Secrets spot to shot
  5. ✅ Suggestions about where to sleep and facilities.

Want to know all the secret places? 

You can access to all the places and tips to reach it by having this map on your Google Map account

What do I need to access this map?

You need a Gmail account to have access to this map.